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Earn high interest with a 5.30% Interest rate with OneVest’s High Interest Savings Portfolio – not a promotional rate, always great

A New Way To Earn

Invest with purpose through OneVest-powered expertise. Shape your dreams into reality with meaningful, impactful financial strategies and cutting-edge technology.


Lower management fees than most traditional banks and wealth managers


Expert built multi-asset portfolios with up 30+ global asset classes


Tailored portfolios to match every risk profile and investment objective

1 million

Insurance on accounts with Canadian Investor Protection Fund (“CIPF”)

Sôhkan-Core Portfolio

The Sôhkan portfolio: managed by OneVest. It aims to achieve maximum risk-adjusted performance through diversified exposure to a broad set of asset classes and investment strategies.

  • Automated dividend reinvestment
  • Actively managed with ongoing portfolio optimization
  • Multi-asset diversification, including alternative investments

Askîhk-Climate Impact Portfolio

The Askîhk-Climate Impact Portfolio, managed by OneVest, aims to maximize risk-adjusted returns while reducing carbon emissions.

  • Up to 50% carbon intensity reduction relative to the broad market
  • Actively managed with ongoing portfolio optimization
  • Incorporation of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors

Niyâk-Disruption & Technology

The Niyâk-Disruption & Technology Portfolio, managed by OneVest, aims to achieve maximum risk-adjusted returns by investing in companies poised to benefit from emerging technological trends.

  • Invest in mega-trends across 12 thematic sectors
  • Multi-asset diversification, including alternative investments
  • Actively managed with ongoing portfolio optimization
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Intelligent Investing, Automated.

Whatever your investment objective, OneVest’s managed portfolios can help you achieve long-term financial success.

Goals based investing

Turn your goals into reality, aligning your money with meaningful, impactful financial strategies

Diversified and optimized

OneVest employs a multi-asset, multi-strategy approach to portfolio construction, optimizing risk-adjusted returns to help you achieve your unique investment objective

Automated Investing

Wealth building made easy: Automate regular contributions to your investment accounts for effortless, long-term, financial success


Choose from a selection of unique portfolio themes, with risk levels aligned to your investment objectives

Automated rebalancing

OneVest will continually monitor your investments, rebalance your portfolio, and reinvest your dividends

Designed by experts

OneVest’s onboarding and investment selector will streamline the process of finding the ideal investment solution, making it incredibly easy


LIVO Financial, in collaboration with OneVest, is a digital wealth platform that’s an alternative to investing with the big banks. By working with OneVest for wealth management products and services, LIVO can now offer you a financial services solution through customizable portfolios at a fraction of the fees traditionally charged by banks. This transformative approach democratizes wealth management by making it accessible to a broader audience, and all within a delightful digital client experience.

OneVest is helping transform wealth management by delivering incredible digital wealth experiences with one comprehensive discretionary managed account platform. OneVest Management Inc. is a registered Portfolio Manager in each province and territory of Canada and as an Investment Fund Manager in the provinces of Alberta, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Quebec.

Assets in your OneVest accounts are held with CI Investment Services, a registered investment dealer in each province and territory of Canada, a member of the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (“CIRO”, formerly known as the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada [“IIROC”] and Canadian Investor Protection Fund (“CIPF”)

Investing with an advisor at a traditional bank comes with significantly higher management fees, usually between 1.5% – 2.5%, compared to a flat fee of 0.75%. With a digital, easy to use platform that takes you less than 10 minutes to open an account and in the comfort of your own home, you no longer need to waste your time to go to the bank, wait in line, schedule a meeting with an advisor and make a deposit.

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